A collection of my writings down through the years

The Biologist's Wedding Vows

Thank you

Life vs. Entropy

God is like a four-dimensional sphere

Justice and Equality for only $5

On Neuroscience

On the Human Genome
  • DNA vs. CD

Biology in 20 Minutes
  • "Science is a way of looking"

Moments of Beauty
  • Kissing an Octopus
  • Thundering Hooves

A Pebble, a Broomstick, and the Color Brown

Humorous Lab Write-up
  • "Lot's of pipetting, but I don't remember why"

  • "There's absolutely no schedule"
  • Wilbur
  • Norwegian Bachelor Farmers

Writings from Africa
  • Part I - Kenya
  • Part II - WFP
  • Part III - Sudan
  • Part IV - The Journey Home

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Last Updated March 26, 2012