Life is an exuberant attempt to break the law
(It's a living poem, so it's best to read it aloud. Your computer won't mind.)


Beat, beat
Beat beat, beat beat, beat beat

A new life begins
its struggle against the entropy
as heart cells fight
to form collective synchrony

Beat beat, beat beat, beat beat

The heart is the metronome
that calls for unity
the conductor
that starts life's symphony

Beat beat, beat beat, beat beat

Time is what the heart devours
it's the clock
that counts life's hours
tick tock, tick tock

The spinal column
joins the song
its rhythmic segmentation
marches along

Neurons join the choir
as they begin to fire
And what marvel as they wire,
at their thoughts, at their desire!

In, out, in OUT!
Life's first cry
is not a sigh
but a SHOUT!

There is no choice,
the lungs must breathe!
The threads of thought gain voice
What tapestries they weave!

Oh life, how improbable,
how impetuous you are!

For what cause
do you defy
the Universal laws?

Only you would say
that it is dutiful
to create from disarray
the ordered, the beautiful

Did the stars forget to tell you
that all move toward chaotic cooling?
Did the atoms not speak to you
of Entropy's relentless ruling?
Your messy world should show you,
that you're the only one you're fooling!

But of course life won't listen
to this bummer,
for it marches to the beat
of its own drummer!

Beat beat, beat beat, beat beat

So life is both a beauty
and a tragedy
Despite the heights it may ascend
Life's song must have its end

Beat beat, beat beat, beat -

The heart begins
to yield its song
No life can break
the law for long

In, out, iiiiiin, oooouuuuuut

The rise and fall
of final breath
this final call
beckons death

So life surrenders its heat
to the ever cooling universe
And with its closing beat
completes life's final verse

Beat, beat



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Written March 11, 2010