Thank you for making this possible

And before I close, I must express
my sincere and utter gratefulness
to they and them
that make me who I am.

First, I thank my heart for beating.
Without time off or cheating
without complaint or tiring
it's constantly inspiring.

I simply must share appreciations
for my lungs in- and exhalations.
Sorry for the smog and haze
that filled our California days.

I thank my teeth for chewing
for enduring braces skewing
for enunciating T's
and saying "cheese."

Thanks to my kidneys left and right
I drain my bladder day and night.
You must be an important pair
for each to have a spare.

I give my digestive tract my thanks
despite its thirty feet of pranks.
You keep the peristalsis flowing,
and I'll keep you fed and going.

And I must be sure to praise my liver
for being both a taker and a giver
serving others by its ministry
of storage and biochemistry.

Some I've never spoken to nor seen
like my pancreas, my thyroid, and my spleen.
So now I'll just say thanks to all of you
for doing whatever it is you do.

Oh, I just about forgot my brain!
Thanks for happiness and love - and pain.
Of all the memories I wish you'd kept
I miss the dreams you gave me as I slept.

I owe my life both now and past
to this splendid crew and cast.
Yes, I'll say it's true -
I'm here because of you.

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Written June 28, 2010