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These pictures are from my time at Walla Walla College.
You can click on a picture for a much larger version.

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Village Hall Jeremy Climbing
Village Hall in the fall.

Jeremy rock climbing at Spring Mountain.
I was in a play called The Ugly Duckling by A. A. Milne. It's about an ugly princess and her parents' attempts to marry her off. Like most fairy tales, she turns beautiful at the end. I'm the chancellor, standing at the bottem left, and yes, I am wearing a wig.

My 1986 Honda Civic. Like a Rock.

Brady's Thirst
Nalgene. Tougher than you.

My friend Brady. Oh boy. Hailu carved that fork himself. Styling, eh?
Daniel's Cabin
Daniel and what's left of his cabin from summer 2001 at Rosario.

Seth's Truck
A 200 ft. tall tower I climbed for fun.
Notice the person at right for scale.
Seth's truck fording the Columbia River.

A vineyard north of Pasco, WA.

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Last updated March 23, 2003