Commercial Salmon Fishing
Logo Dillingham, Alaska
Summer, 2004

To see a video clip of fishing, click here.
David and Phil
A big catch of King (Chinook) Salmon
Photograph by Nelle
Waiting Caught!
Nelle and Phil waiting for fish to get caught. The splash behind them is a fish hitting the net. Caught!
Big Catch
This day we caught so many fish that our net sank.
Then when we pulled in our net the boat almost sank.
Photograph by Nelle
Fish Eggs
Salmon eggs, each about the size of a small blueberry.
Traveling Alaska
Nome, Anchorage, and Denali National Park
Lucky Swede
A statue of one of the three lucky Swedes who found gold near Nome in 1898.
In the background is a church from the gold rush era, now used as a community center.
Musk Oxen
A bull musk ox near Nome. I approached to within about 20 feet of him by
watching the herd's behavior and slowly letting them get accustomed to me.
Denali (Mt. McKinley), 20,320 feet.
Blue Berries
Blueberries abound in the tundra of Denali National Park...
...and they made a wonderful addition to our oatmeal.
In summer the theme in Anchorage is "City of Flowers."

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Created July 20, 2004