Electron Microscopy

A journey down in scale

Fly eye Leg joint
The edge of a fruit fly eye (Scale 50 micron) Fruit fly leg joint (Scale 30 micron)
Egg CD
A sea urchin egg and sperm (30 micron) The 1's and 0's on a CD, which can hold over 5 billion of them (10 micron)
Feather 2 Feather 1
The downy part of a feather (100 micron) The flight part of a feather (100 micron)
Brittnie's hair Neurons
Brittnie's hair (30 micron) Neurons grown on an EM grid (30 micron)
Photograph by Alissa
Broccoli Moldy Cheese
Broccoli - the holes are stomata (50 micron) Moldy Cheese (5 micron)
Fly eye Neurons
Laser printing on paper (100 micron) Pollen (40 micron)
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Last Updated January 2007