Pictures from my time in Africa


Bull Elephant
A bull elephant in Amboseli Park, Kenya.
Male Lion
A male lion in Maasai Mara game reserve, Kenya.
A giraffe up close.
Two male wildebeest duke it out.


Danny on a Termite Mound Food Ration
Danny went with me to Africa. He's standing on a termite mound. A Maasai woman carrying her family's monthly food ration from World Food Programme.
Edited in Photoshop.
Got Pepto?
No trip in Africa is complete without GI problems.
Tourists crowding the Maasai Mara game reserve in Kenya.
Edited in Photoshop.

South Sudan

I had the privilege of visiting South Sudan to see
the mission work there at the end of my time in Africa.
A bass harp made of animal skins in South Sudan.
Mud Hut
While in Sudan I stayed in a mud hut like this one. I got the old picture effect by holding Danny's glacier glasses in front of my camera.
Lava Tube Cave
A lava tube cave near Mt. Suswa, Kenya.
Sunset in Africa
To see more pictures of what I did in Africa you can browse the following three albums which I posted while I was in Kenya.
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You can also contact me for a more comprehensive and personal slide show. Much larger copies of these pictures are available upon request.

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