Album 1

Here we are - David and Danny the intrepid student missionaries. My walking stick was given to me by John Kiok, the local Maasai pastor at the Loodariak SDA Church.
This is the front of OCI Africa headquarters in the suburbs of Nairobi. We did email and caught some R & R on the weekends here. It is also where the Ahos live.
The back of the house. When we first arrived the pool was green and had frogs living in it.
Here is the tent that Danny and I shared when we were staying in Nairobi.
Andrew and his friend Simon. Andrew was one of the SM's.
Duane is yet another SM. He and I had a night hiking adventure down near Amboseli Park.
Calista flew over from America with Danny and I. She worked at a hospital near Kisii, about five hours drive west of Nairobi.
Heidi is another SM. She's making chapatis over a charcoal burner. Chapatis are a local version of a flour tortilla.