Album 2

This is the Olgumi SDA church. We built them a new one because this one is way too small.
Adam joined our group last December. He let me borrow his digital camera so I could take these pictures for my web page. Thank you Adam.
A Maasai mama and her baby.
Cow. Any questions?
This is a spring hare that some Maasai boys caught for us. It is about the size of a rabbit, but it hops like a kangaroo.
This is the view from our camp. In the distance is the Longonot peak and crater.
This is a Fast Freddy Tent. The only thing that's fast about Fast Freddy Tents is they're fast to fall down. Andy Aho (Mr. OCI Africa) paid something outrageous like $800 each for ten (10) of these things. They take a crew of five strong people to put up and require at least 20 tent stakes to hold them down.
A semicircle of our Fast Freddy Tents.
Mr. Joshua Knowles. He's the guy in charge of the student missionary program here. Basically that means that he took us places and made sure that the building work moved forward. In this picture he's talking on the radio in his new Toyota Land Cruiser.
This is an old army truck that OCI bought from South Africa. We used it to haul people, gear, and supplies. The cab in the middle is supposed to be bullet proof. Andrew and Duane liked to sleep on top of it for some reason. They said that they had trouble sleeping anywhere else.
2000 Toyota Land Cruiser. Feel the power.
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